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Climbing the Trail to Yosemite Falls

Last February, my husband and I spent a very active week in Yosemite National Park. One day, we decided to make the 2800 ft. climb from the Valley Floor to the top of Yosemite Falls. The view from the base of the falls didn't look too daunting. However, the trail was very rocky and steep, with hundreds of switchbacks. Full of energy and enthusiasm, we started off, like racehorses out of the gate. Gradually, due to altitude and failure to budget our energy reserves, we found ourselves having to take more rest stops. Parts of the trail were just plain hard and not all that pretty. We lost sight of where we had started and where we were going. About halfway, we considered turning back, but something made us want to push ahead. Finally, at about 2400 feet above the Valley Floor, the view started to get better. We could see majestic peaks and huge granite walls ahead and a magnificent view of Yosemite Valley below. We didn't make it to the top that day due to fading sunlight. At 2600 feet, we decided to turn around.

Did we fail? Yes and no. Although we didn't reach our destination that day, we determined to return in December and make a better plan for success. We learned that we were capable of much more than we initially thought we could do and the view from 2600 feet above the Valley was breathtaking.

On the way down, I was thinking that our experience was a lot like what happens to us when we're in the middle of our journey toward optimal health. We start off with great enthusiasm with a vision of where we want to go. Then somewhere in the middle, it feels hard and we lose sight of where we began and the destination. Our vision is limited to our current position and we get tired. I think that's when we have to walk by faith, believing that there is a beautiful view ahead, even though we can't see it yet, and that by putting one foot in front of the other again and again, we will reach it. We may not get there on our first attempt but, if we don't quit, we will eventually arrive and it will all be worth it. We will forget the fatigue and the hardships along the way and enjoy the fruits of our new, healthier bodies and strengthened minds. Stay tuned for the next attempt!
Whether you're in the middle of the trail or need to restart your journey, keep the vision. You'll never regret moving ahead and you're capable of so much more than you think! If you need a pep talk or a little encouragement, contact me. I'm here to help. or Peggy at

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