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"Blowing It" on Vacation!

Has this ever happened to you?

As a health coach, I often hear people describing how they went on a vacation and gained weight. They come home discouraged and, what was supposed to be a restorative vacation turns into a GUILT TRIP! Sometimes it’s just a few pounds, sometimes more. But the pounds are not the real problem. The real issue is that they have given up on their goals. I hear statements like:

“I just can’t get my head wrapped around it.”
“I just miss my __________________too much.”
“I blew it!”

If you’re struggling with these issues, here are some things to consider:

  1.  You are pursuing getting to a healthy weight as the first step on your journey to optimal health.  That is a lifelong pursuit.  The weight loss phase is just for a season.  So, to quote the Nike slogan: “Just do it!” 
  2. Look at how far you’ve already come.  If you’ve lost 25 lbs., then gained 5 back on a vacation, you’re still 20 lbs. closer to your goal!  Keep moving forward. 
  3. Even better – before you go on vacation, resolve that you will strive to maintain.
  4. Before your vacation, pick your target restart date and put it on the calendar.
  5. Call or e-mail your health coach before and right after vacation for a little “encouragement!”
  6. Plan ways to make healthy choices during your vacation – walking more, sleeping well, practicing portion control, focusing on fruits, vegetables, and protein, and only then a few tastes of extras.

Remember that the real battle is not the pounds – it’s in the mind. Make a decision to pursue health every day. You’re worth it!


If you need some encouragement and accountability to help you reach your goals, contact me at

I offer a free, no obligation consultation.

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